"All gave some...some gave All"
You might also consider thanking
our veterans by donating or
participating in one of many
organizations dedicated to caring
for our veterans such as
the Wounded Warrior Program,
Special Forces Warrior Foundation,
the Fisher House and more.

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Thanking those who a small way that can mean so much.

I'm hoping that, regardless of political affiliation or or other leanings, that we all realize that our military personnel work to secure our way of life, aid in times of disaster, and give great personal sacrifice for our benefit. As they say, freedom isn't free.

Hi, my name is Mark and I travel a lot for work and not long ago on a flight leaving a city which was home to a military base I witnessed a female passenger in first class give up her seat so that a uniformed service member could have it. This prompted me to do the same.

That experience has initiated this website and personal request to those that travel like I do to consider this simple gesture of offering your first class seat to those service members in uniform who are also passengers on your flight. Whether you were given an upgrade as a result of airline membership or even paid for it, you can't imagine the appreciation that service members will feel and the terrific sense of personal pride the action will give you.

Its a simple gesture that will go a long way in saying "thank you for your service". Remember, all gave some in one way or another and some gave all.

Thank you
This website has no affiliation with any political or other organization. This is simply a personal request from an appreciative American Citizen.

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